How to Make a Mind Map

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Mind mapping is quick way of getting information out of from your brain and in front of your team. Mind Mapping is a unique solution to map out the ideas and connect thoughts.

cardboard connections

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Card Connections in a CardBoard are an additional way to increase shared understanding. Card Connections allow you to connect arrows to cards to create dependencies or adds additional template options in CardBoard such as mind maps, flow charts, strategic planning templates, etc. How to Create Card Connections To create a connect line, place at least two cards onto your board.  …

Collapsing and Expanding Horizontal Dividers

cardboard divider

Horizontal dividers can be used for many things within CardBoard. One of which is for slicing out release to prioritize tasks and establish an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Webinar: Introduction to User Story Mapping | How to build a User Story Map

Adam Scroggin CardBoard CEO | User Story Mapping

Building products can be tough, the proper planning can ensure your products are their best. In this webinar CardBoard CEO, Adam Scroggin, breaks down the concepts and methods behind User Story Mapping and how it can help your business reach its’ goals. Previously recorded on 2/19/2020. You can watch here: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out …

How any business can benefit from User Story Mapping

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If you were to do a Google search on the term User Story Mapping you might be led to believe that the theory and practice for is reserved for technology experts and those involved in software.  However, User Story Mapping as a way of thinking can be used across all business structures. The only requirement is that an individual takes the time to learn the process …

4 Tips for Better Collaboration

User Story Mapping Collaboration by Iman Tucker

Working with teams can be highly rewarding, yet extremely challenging. Collaboration is fundamental piece to scaling business and building the best products on the market, in the least amount of time. We’ve gathered feedback from experts within the agile community to come up with 4 tips for better collaboration. 1. Visualize your projects Have you even tried to plan a …

What Makes a Great Scrum Master?

great scrum master by iman tucker

Managing your team and being the voice of accountability is tough. Being a great scrum master is even more challenging. What does it take to be a GREAT scrum master?

Using Custom Annotations

user story mapping annotation

We’ve added a new feature to customize your boards even more. CardBoard now supports custom annotations. Annotations provide a clear visual to the front of your cards to give your board more ways to collaborate real-time, visualize your stories, and give your team more shared understanding. To use custom annotations, head up to the settings icon. Scroll down to the …

WEBINAR: 10 Features to Get More Out of CardBoard

UPDATED: YOU CAN NOW WATCH THE RECORDED PLAYBACK BELOW Topic: 10 Features to Help you get More Out of CardBoard Description: We’ll go over several features in CardBoard that will turn you into a pro! CardBoard is the industry leading user story mapping tool and digital whiteboard. At the end, we’ll have time for Q&A.Time When: Sep 12, 2019 02:00 …

How to Use Assigned To Feature

assigned to feature

Assigning tasks to your team is an additional way to organize projects and increase shared understanding in your team. To assign a card: Open a Card by clicking the top right corner of a card You will see the assigned to section within the card. Click and select your team member Now, the card will be marked to be assigned …