Release 10/27/2017

  • Improved stability with Jira integration
  • CTRL+A or CMD+A selects all of the text on a card
  • Admins can now add multiple users at a time

Release 10/3/2017

  • CardBoard communities can now have multiple admins
  • Community admins can now disable their organizations from creating public boards
  • Chrome/Safari now provides spelling corrections for misspelled words
  • Bugs fixes and performance improvements

Release 8/10/2017

  • Support for on-prem versions of Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Support for the TFS Scrum template
  • Performance improvements around requests
  • Improved email service

Release 11/23/2016

More flexible JIRA Synchronization

Our tool integrations are becoming smarter and faster. As of today, you no longer have to enable Story Points for Epics to sync your JIRA project to Cardboard.

Esc-key = No Change

We have made a change to how the Esc-key functions. Suppose I click on a card and begin editing it. Using the Esc-key will now discard any changes I make to the card and deselect the card in the process.

Bug Fixes

  • Reducing the community size now requires a community owner to remove collaborators (and/or invited collaborators) if the desired size is lower than current community roster.
  • We noticed deleting an issue in a tool wasn’t reflect immediately on the board. Now that’s fixed

Release 11/17/2016

Boards with Photo Cards 

This release we added more flexibility to our tool integrations. Now you can add a Photo Card to your board and no longer worry about synchronization issues with your delivery tool.

Tracking Iterations

While it is not yet exposed on our user interface, we are excited to be taking the first step in making this data available in Cardboard. More to come!

JIRA Improvements

We have been working hard to make a faster and more stable integration with JIRA. We have modified our synchronization process to improve stability and performance.

Add an Image from your phone

Did you know you can bring Cardboard up on your phone and add a photo card directly to a board of your choosing? It’s a sweet feature, but we realized it was broken. With this release it is once again full operational  — Try it today!

Release 11/04/2016

Improved Card Movements

We continue to iterate on how cards move and interact with one another on the board. In this release you will find cards a new card dragging behavior.

  • When a card is moved between two rows, only the column that the card is being added to is affected.
  • When a card is moved between two columns, a new column is created to the board and all cards are shifted to the right.

We hopes these changes will help maintain the integrity of your storymaps!

Realtime Update Improvements
Minimap now reflects changes that happen to the board in realtime.

Performance and Stability
We have added some indexes to our database to make your experience faster and updated a few libraries to keep our codebase current.

Release 10/26/2016

Realtime Collaboration Improvements:
Realtime collaboration is a core feature to Cardboard and we are always looking to make it better. We now handle those cases when you and a collaborator happen to move the same card to different locations on the board. Along those same lines, trying to add two new cards to the same location on the board is also handled.

Bug fixes:
We found an issue with trying to print a board that had an image card on it. That issue has been resolved and the print functionality restored.