CardBoard Integrates with Azure DevOps and on-prem TFS

The integration

How to connect your board to Azure DevOps

Logging into Azure DevOps

If you have issues logging into Azure DevOps, try using Personal Access Tokens (PAT) instead. Check out this article on using Personal Access Tokens to authenticate from Microsoft.

If you want to log in using your username and password credentials, you need to make sure you enable alternate credentials. To do this, first click your profile picture in the user right hand corner. Next, click on Security. Then click on Alternate credentials in the navigation menu. Select Enable alternate authentication credentials and finally click on Save.

Integration Features

  • easy-copy
  • Simple

    Integrating with Azure DevOps and TFS couldn’t be any easier. Simply enter your instance’s URL, your username and password, and which project you’d like to integrate with, and hit sync!

  • tied2
  • Tied

    Our integration is tied, meaning you don’t have to reconnect every time you want to sync between your story map and project.

  • bidir
  • Bi-Directional

    Your sync will be a true sync, meaning changes or additions made in Azure DevOps will be reflected in CardBoard, and vice-versa.

  • vis
  • Visualize

    Take your project’s backlog out of lists of to-dos and turn it into a story map that makes sense and contextualizes your stories.

  • hie
  • Hierarchical

    On the initial sync, CardBoard will take the cards on the uppermost row and create them as Features in Azure DevOps. All the cards below and to the right (until another ‘Feature’ card) will be created as stories of that Feature in Azure DevOps.