Story Map with Ease

It’s easy to add cards and organize them into story maps. You can drag and drop or copy and paste to add a card, add a title to the front and details to the back. Select one or more cards and move them around, change card colors or add annotations to start better product discovery conversations.

Think in Customer Journeys

Once you’ve added some cards, you can start thinking about where you want to take your customers. Framing customer journeys through a story map to help you visualize user experiences, workflows or test paths.

CardBoard helps teams collaboratively explore and visualize product ideas, user experiences, customer journeys and more .   Start a Free Trial

Visual Product Progress

CardBoard is easily connected to various tracking tools like JIRA, VersionOne, Pivotal Tracker or Rally. Once connected, you can visualize product progress by toggling status on or off as a way to plan and re-plan as needed.

Collaborate With Distributed Teams

Remote team members are an invite away. Simply click the collaborate icon and invite anyone in your community to a board. After they accept the invite, they are instantly collaborating with you. You can also invite viewers in your community so they can see what you are working on.

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 What our customers are saying:

  • When a team has to tackle tasks that involve keeping track of large amounts of information that is typically disorganized, Cardboard is your solution. Whether it’s Agile Development or just keeping meeting progress organized, this app will help you work your magic.  We’ve used it for large and complex Story Mapping as well as running simple User Story task development.  With Cardboard, we are no longer hindered by the lack of sufficient wall space and random breezes that impact our traditional method of using physical sticky notes.
    Ultimately, you want the tools that you use to become second nature; more like extensions of yourself that you come to rely on but almost forget that they are there.  By allowing the team to focus on the task at hand, and not having to spend any time worrying about the tool, Cardboard makes my team more productive.  Thank you for being one of the essential tools in our utility belt that keeps my team organized and productive!

    -Andy Montcrieff
    Senior Principal Software Engineer and Scrum Master
    Backup and Recovery
    Symantec Corporation

  • As coach and consultant at codecentric AG, my current area of focus is agile requirements methods. For our latest project, we were searching for a tool that would allow us to do story mapping with a large distributed team. Cardboard felt just perfect because it didn’t try to force its own idea of what a story map should look like on us but instead just got out of the way and let us do our work.

    -Nils Wloka
    Agile Principal Consultant
    codecentric AG

  • One of the ways we use CardBoard is to prepare for our planning sessions to capture the epics & user stories quickly and easily. This ‘backbone’ is leveraged throughout planning as we drill down into specifics while still keeping the big picture front and center.
    The collaborative nature of CardBoard is very helpful in getting geographically dispersed team members during a meeting on the same page, literally. On top of everything, the simplicity of CardBoard makes us keep coming back to it.

    -Sajid Shaikh
    Sr. Manager Software Engineering
    Veritas Technologies LLC

  • Cardboard is the best way to implement User Story Mapping when you team can’t be co-located. Its simplicity is its strength – really feels like putting sticky notes on a board and not working with a piece of software. Nicely embodies the agile value of individuals and interactions over processes and tools.


    -Craig Wolfe
    Senior Business Analyst
    TDK Technologies, LLC