Meet CardBoard: Your Product Team's Favorite Online Whiteboard

Turn backlogs into beloved features with digital sticky notes on story maps, roadmaps, and other product discovery frameworks.

These teams map new features with CardBoard

Use Story Maps to create shared understanding

User Story Mapping is a popular tool to get shared understanding across product organizations. CardBoard was created by the late David Hussman and his friend Jeff Patton. We are the original user story mapping tool.

Cards snap to underlying grid

Dividers organize release slices

Journeys explore different user paths

CardBoard board links

Agile? Scrum? SAFe? There’s a lot of frameworks. Put them all on the same map and it's overwhelming “map shock”. CardBoard links boards in a structured approach, so you collaborate at the right level of zoom.

Linked boards show live preview of cards

Library of product framework templates

Integrate to share the story behind the backlog

The traditional product backlog is a flat, one-dimensional list of tasks. But each item should contribute to a larger story. Integrate with CardBoard to view your backlog through the lens of storytelling as a customer-focused narrative.

Integrate with Azure DevOps, Jira, Confluence, Trello, or Pivotal

Bidirectional updates between project tools and boards

Card details sync with backlog tasks

CardBoard Jira Trello Azure DevOps

Made for makers of products

Product Managers

Visualize product development stages and user feedback to make informed feature priority decisions.

Business Analysts

Ensure product requirements and gap analysis align every user story with business objectives.

Engineers / DevOps

Clarify task dependencies and milestones to facilitate a smooth workflow and more efficient release planning.

What customers say about CardBoard

"CardBoard is way easier to use than Miro! I stand by the quote wholeheartedly and recommend CardBoard whenever we discuss planning tools. I've been using it for years at a Fortune 100 insurance company."

Lauren Morrison

Sr. Scrum Master

"I use CardBoard for my UX process. It helps me clarify ideas and create workflows. It helps me solve problems for my users and is beneficial because of that."

Matt Gummow

UX Designer

"CardBoard allows us to design and develop in an agile way. Before CardBoard, we used post-it notes and took pictures when we were done. The photos often got lost and info didn't make it to JIRA. We've tried other things, but nothing met our needs like CardBoard."

Sr. Product Director

Enterprise FinTech SaaS

"The simplicity of CardBoard keeps us coming back. We use CardBoard during planning sessions to quickly capture user stories. This 'backbone' lets us drill down into specifics without losing the big picture. My teams love working in CardBoard."

Sajid Shaikh

Sr Mgr Engineering

"This is a great visual tool that fills in the gap of agile project / product management software on the market. Most tools do not offer the ability to do story mapping, which is a critical exercise in agile backlog grooming."

Joe Lie

Project Manager/Scrum Master

"CardBoard has allowed us to work with product owners to create a storyboard that helps identify the solution we want to pursue by first starting with the big picture and drilling down accordingly."

Robin Poullath


Make story mapping work for your team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Straight answers to common queries about CardBoard.

What is CardBoard and how does it work?

CardBoard is an online whiteboard that product teams use for story mapping. Drag cards on boards then segment with dividers to plan features and prioritize iterations of work.

How do I get started with CardBoard?

If you don't have an account, sign up for a free trial.

If an existing CardBoard user invited you to collaborate, then click the link in the invitation to create your member account.

Is there a free trial available and what are its limitations?

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial available. CardBoard's trial includes access to premium features, including collaboration tools and integrations. You can also invite others to collaborate with you during your trial period.

How is CardBoard different from similar products?

Users choose CardBoard because it's very simple to visualize product ideas, which improves collaboration. Unlike other mass market online whiteboards, CardBoard is purpose built for product teams.

Do you offer any training or resources for new users?

Email and Intercom chat are available to all users of CardBoard. Let us know what you're working on and we will be happy to help.

Still have questions?

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