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CardBoard is your online whiteboard for connecting product vision to
release backlogs that get budget and buy-in across the organization.

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Use Story Maps to create shared understanding

User Story Mapping is a popular tool to get shared understanding across product organizations. CardBoard was created by the late David Hussman and his friend Jeff Patton. We are the original user story mapping tool.

  • Cards snap to underlying grid
  • Dividers organize release slices
  • Journeys explore different user paths

Avoid "map shock" by linking your boards

Agile? Scrum? SAFe? There’s a lot of frameworks. Put them all on the same map and it overwhelms others with “map shock”. CardBoard links boards in a structured approach, enabling you to collaborate on any product approach at the right level of zoom.

  • Each board can link to other boards
  • Linked boards show live preview of cards
  • Library of templates to connect product frameworks

Integrate to share the story behind the backlog

The traditional product backlog is a flat, one-dimensional list of tasks. But each item should contribute to a larger story. Integrate with CardBoard to view your backlog through the lens of storytelling as a customer-focused narrative.

  • Integrate with Azure DevOps, Jira, Confluence, Trello, or Pivotal
  • Bidirectional updates between project tools and boards
  • Card details sync with backlog tasks

What customers say about CardBoard

"This tool is a great visual tool that fills in the gap of many agile project/product management software on the market. Most tools do not offer the ability to do story mapping which is a critical exercise in agile requirement and backlog grooming."
Joe Lie
Project Manager/Scrum Master
"I use CardBoard for my UX process. It helps me clarify ideas and create workflows. It helps me solve problems for my users and is beneficial because of that."
Matt Gummow
UX Designer
"CardBoard has allowed us to work with product owners to create a storyboard that helps identify the solution we want to pursue by first starting with the big picture and drilling down accordingly."
Robin Poullath

Make User Story Mapping work for your team

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Frequently Asked Questions

CardBoard is a digital collaboration tool. It’s used by product teams to plan features, understand product scope, and prioritize development releases.

Start by signing up for a free trial using the link in the navigation bar at the top of this page. Once you login, create a new board and give it a name. Then add cards by dragging them onto the board. Consider inviting a collaborator to arrange cards into a user journey. Use this visual arrangement to plan a release.

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial available. Sign up with your email (no credit card required). CardBoard’s trial includes access to premium features, including integrations and collaboration tools. You can invite others to collaborate with you during your trial.

Product teams love frameworks. But when someone joins an online whiteboard that’s full of frameworks, it gives them “map shock”. CardBoard feels simple because board links and card details give context without overwhelming your collaborators.

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