The Summer Blend Release

Last month we overalled the UI and UX of CardBoard and this month we are introducing our Summer Blend Release. We love Agile, User Story Mapping and have several new features for you to try out.

But before we touch on that, I wanted to share how the release has impacted our financial metrics. We set several goals and we were able to hit 3 of our 4 goals within 30 days. What I learned is that listening to what you want us to build is very important and having a good team of developers, testers and designers is vital to growth. In 30 days we were able to add 45 new subscriptions and upgrades and we only lost 8 customers. 4 customers downgraded how many licenses they had. So far, we were able to add $1,332 of Monthly Reoccurring Revenue (MRR). The feedback has been very positive and I expect this trend to occur for at least another month or two.


Thank you for helping us by providing valuable feedback. Reach out to me at if you have any questions. Now let’s talk about some new features!

Add comments to your cards

You can now collect feedback from everyone on your boards by using the comments feature.  This was a key feature for several of you. You needed a way for stakeholders to review your user story maps and provide feedback. This feature is perfect for doing that.

Share your boards with colleagues who don’t have a CardBoard account

Do you ever want to share your board but the person you want to share it with does not have a CardBoard account? We have a new feature (coming soon) that will give you a unique link to your board that you can share with whomever you want. This feature should be out by mid June, so stay tuned.

Paste cards where you want them

By using the right click context menu (or hold down the CTRL key on a mac), you can copy multiple cards then paste them exactly where you want them.

How do I know if something is on the back of my cards?

This was a total miss on our part. We didn’t do a good job communicating how the new indicator works. In the image below, the three ellipses (…) in the bottom right hand corner is the visual cue that there is more information on the “back” of the card. It means that there is more content in the description or that there are comments on the card.

Quick tip: You can click the (…) to open the card or use CTRL+O if you love VIM like I do!

I wish I could put my story maps into Confluence (Beta)

Well, your wish is our command. Confluence is Jira’s sidekick when it comes to documentation of software products. With this new feature, you can embed your story maps right into Confluence! It’s not an image, instead an interactive read-only version of the map. This feature is still in beta, so if you want to check it out, please reach out to me at

See estimate totals in your horizontal slices

Customer’s have been asking for this one for awhile. Sorry it took so long. When you are planning out your releases, you can now get a rough idea of how much “time” your release might take.

Simplified Community Permissions

If controlling who has access to every single board has become tedious, we have another option for you. The admin of your community can give everyone access to every board by enabling this feature.

To enable this feature, select “Manage Your Community” under your profile picture (Note: this can only be done by the admin of your community). Then select “Boards” Finally, enable “Don’t set up user access for boards”.

Most of you like to have access control when it comes to your boards. Keep it unchecked (the default) if you want the board owners to continue to set access control for their boards.

But wait, there’s more…

Last but not least, a few small features, but still very valuable.

  • Use the keyboard short cut CTRL +/- to zoom in and out.
  • PDFs of boards now support Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters
  • Better support for Internet Explorer 11

If you haven’t tried User Story Mapping yet, see what you have been missing. As always, CardBoard has a free 30 day trial (no credit card required) and you can sign up via this link.


Happy Boarding! The CardBoard team

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