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CardBoard was started by David Hussman, who drew inspiration from his friend Jeff Patton. David’s unique “Dude’s Law” philosophy and Patton’s User Story Mapping principles converged to create a tool that helps teams deliver more value with less complexity.

Early user story map in CardBoard facilitated by David Hussman (source: User Story Mapping, Jeff Patton, p117)

When David was diagnosed with cancer, he entrusted CardBoard to SEP (if User Story Mapping is on your bookshelf, you might recognize SEP from p58). This Indianapolis-based software team – specifically Chris Shinkle, an agile practitioner and long-time friend – had a shared belief in CardBoard’s value. The transition was more than a business decision, it was the continuation of a shared vision.

Today, Josh Colter guides CardBoard. His leadership is informed from applying Patton’s dual-track approach with his team at Emplify (since acquired by 15five).

How CardBoard likes to jam

Compose for audiences not rigid rules

Humans are dynamic, so code must follow suit. That’s why software is never truly done, and we embrace that fluidity.

Essential chords not extra notes

Adding more structure to complexity doesn’t solve the problem, it clouds it. Try to subtract and simplify without losing value.

Ensemble performance not solo acts

Shared understanding comes from moments together, like memories from a vacation photo, not isolating people into silos.

Open stage not guarded spotlight

It’s hard to step on the toes of someone who doesn’t have big feet. Keep ego in check to create space for open and direct feedback.

Play music not music theory

Experience teaches us more than endless talk. Debating instead of doing masks fear, which stunts learning and progress.

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