Case Studies

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“CardBoard saved us tens of thousands of dollars by saving us time by not building the wrong things.”

– Bob Nowadly, Lead Software Engineer at SEP

Before CardBoard, we were wasting so much time generating large requirements documents to share with our customers. The process was tedious and we wanted something smaller, easier to read and share with our customers. When we found CardBoard, we were finally excited to find something that would allow us to document, visualize and prioritize our work.

CardBoard allows us to have great conversations with team members, stakeholders and managers. It allows us to tell stories of what we are building and helps us prioritize our work.

“I always have my CardBoard tab open.”

– Lyndia Stacey, Project Manger, Strategic Initiatives and Assessment at U Waterloo

Any team that has issues with being co-located, having CardBoard has an intermediate way to check work and keep track of everything, without necessarily having to walk to a physical board, but as a not co-located team, I would recommend.

We were looking for something simple, that if we implemented it across our whole team of 300, it would be fairly intuitive. Especially for those who have a minimal comfort level with computers and software.

I love that it syncs with JIRA and doesn’t have to be independent. JIRA alone was too complex. I always have my CardBoard tab open.

“CardBoard met all of our needs.”

– Joshua Law, Computer Programming at Warren Central HS

Before CardBoard, we were using post-its on portable white boards.  Because we have community classrooms, we had to store those whiteboards in a closet so that other students wouldn’t mess with them.  Inevitably, we lost our post-it notes. By moving our boards around, it caused them to be missing or damaged.

Also, prior to CardBoard we were having difficulty getting a finished product because so many things had to be redo that we lost track.  There was a lot of time wasted, and we did not have much time to get everything done.

Having CardBoard increased our workflow. From start to finish we were able to create a finished product.  It was amazing how much more focused the students were when all team members could easily see the next time.

With so many templates and such ease of use, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t use CardBoard. There are so many different ways you can organize any facet of your project.  It’s ease of use and overall simple interface met all of our needs.