CardBoard: Powering Enterprise Agility

Enterprise collaboration should be straightforward and impactful. Streamline your team’s work with CardBoard’s secure, customizable platform - designed for the complexities of large organizations so product teams remain focused on delivering results.

Controlled collaboration to bring the team along

Collaborate on feature maps for product discovery

Transform feature mapping exercises into collaborative, dynamic experiences. Engage the entire team to enhance clarity.

Facilitate Agile frameworks like SAFe

Embrace Agile at scales with support for SAFe and other frameworks. CardBoard adapts to your methodology.

Visualize the big picture to see progress status

Get an overview of project progress with intuitive status visualizations that keeps everyone informed and aligned.

Integrate with existing project tools

Seamlessly integrate with project management tools like Jira and Azure DevOps to streamline workflow.

Built for diverse product roles

Each role on a product team has unique needs and contributions. From product managers visualizing roadmaps to DevOps specialists planning releases, CardBoard offers user-friendly tools that foster a cohesive and productive team environment.

  • Product Managers
  • Engineers
  • UX / UI Designers
  • Business Analysts
  • DevOps Specialists
  • Agile Coaches
Product Operating Model

There’s a big difference between the best and the rest. Modern product organizations use customer-focused tools to evolve from feature factories to product powerhouses. CardBoard helps collaborate in real-time so you can make informed decisions aligned with strategic goals that drive rapid product iterations and tangible results.

Complete the Transformation

When it comes to transformations, there are failures and there are true successes. CardBoard is a catalyst for companies looking to succeed. Straightforward, practical tools like CardBoard make the shift to digital more intuitive and efficient. Foster continuous improvement to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Trust & Security

Your data belongs to you. This principle guides our approach to trust and security, ensuring your information remains under your control at all times. We’ve implemented stringent security protocols for data, aligned with top industry standards for data and protection.


Streamlined access and enhanced security with SSO to bolster security against breaches.

GDPR Compliance

Handle data with the highest standards of privacy so you can be confidence in how your information is managed.

Partner to make progress

“[CardBoard] is a great visual tool that fills a gap of agile project/product management software on the market. Many tools don’t offer the ability to do story mapping.”

“I use CardBoard for my UX process to clarify ideas and create workflows. It helps me solve problems for my users.”

“CardBoard lets us work with product owners to create a storyboard. That big picture helps us identify solutions and drill down on what we want to pursue.

Start smart

1:1 Onboarding

Get up and running quickly with CardBoard's personalized onboarding, where our specialists actively tailor the process to your team's unique needs and objectives.

Learn on demand

Knowledge Base

Dive into our extensive knowledge base for immediate, detailed guidance on utilizing CardBoard's features and best practices, empowering continuous learning and effective problem-solving.

Stay on track

Priority Support

Receive immediate, expert assistance with CardBoard's priority support, ensuring your team's questions and issues get prompt, professional resolution to keep your projects moving smoothly.

Explore more with CardBoard

CardBoard offers flexible licensing and invoicing for Enterprise customers.