#1 User Story Mapping for Jira and Confluence

Easily transfer your boards directly into Jira.

Jira and CardBoard

Simple Sync

No more cutting and pasting between tools! With CardBoard’s Simple Sync you set up your boards, hit the sync button and tada! You now have all of your cards in Jira.

Tired on the flat backlog in Jira? With Simple Sync you can also create user story maps from Jira epics and stories. It’s Bi-Directional!

Use Jira Filters

Too much data in your Jira project? No worries. CardBoard allows you to apply Jira Filters to see just the cards you want. If you Jira project are big, this is the best way to trim things down.

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Status and Story Point Estimates

Add estimates to your cards in your next planning meeting. After you are done, sync your CardBoard map and your estimates get pushed into Jira’s story points. Need to know the status? No problem, that displays on the cards too! Both items can sync in either direction.


CardBoard supports both Epics and Stories. Stories that are tied to Epics are placed directly under the Epic. Visualizing the user’s story is difficult in Jira (to put it nicely). Instead, bring it over to CardBoard and see what you have been missing.

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Embed your User Story Maps in Confluence

Confluence is a good tool for those who need to documentation in their software development process. After you build your story maps simply put them into Confluence so everyone on the team can stay up to date. If you update your story maps in CardBoard, the map will also be updated in Confluence.

Check out the CardBoard AddOn for Confluence in the Atlassian Marketplace