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What is a 4L’s Retrospective

The 4L’s Retrospective, or 4L’s Retro, stands for Liked, Learned, Lacked, and Longed. It is a retrospective technique that encourages teams to reflect on a project or sprint’s different aspects. By categorizing feedback into these four areas, teams gain a comprehensive understanding of their performance, identify areas of improvement, and strategize for future success.

4L’s Retro Best Practices

  1. Open Dialogue: Foster an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing candidly.
  2. Actionable Insights: Ensure feedback leads to clear, actionable steps for improvement.
  3. Consistent Application: Conduct 4L’s retrospectives regularly to track team growth over time.
  4. Diverse Participation: Engage all team members to gather a range of perspectives.
  5. Document Outcomes: Record the feedback and actions to reference in future retrospectives.

Template FAQ

Who should use the 4L’s Retro Template?
Teams looking for a structured approach to reflection, especially after project phases or sprints.

How does the 4L’s Retro enhance team growth?
By categorizing feedback, teams can pinpoint strengths, areas of learning, and opportunities for improvement, driving continuous growth.

Why choose CardBoard’s 4L’s Retro Template?
CardBoard’s template simplifies the 4L’s retrospective process, ensuring a clear and organized reflection session.

Can the 4L’s Retro Template be tailored?
Absolutely. Modify it to suit your team’s specific reflection needs and preferences.

How do I kickstart with CardBoard’s 4L’s Retro Template?
Sign up for a free trial on CardBoard. Once set up, select the 4L’s Retro Template and begin your structured reflection journey.

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