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What is a Persona

A Persona represents your ideal user. It’s built on real data, capturing behaviors, motivations, and goals. By using personas, teams get a clear, empathetic view of who they’re building for, ensuring products that truly resonate.

Persona Best Practices

  1. Data-Driven: Base your personas on actual user research.
  2. Holistic View: Capture not just demographics, but behaviors, needs, and pain points.
  3. Use Throughout Development: Keep personas at the forefront during design and development.
  4. Update Regularly: User needs change. Ensure your personas evolve too.
  5. Narrative Matters: A persona’s story makes it relatable and memorable.

Template FAQ

Who benefits from a Persona Template?
Designers, product managers, and teams focused on creating user-centric products.

How many personas are optimal?
Aim for 3-5 personas. It’s a balance between representation and manageability.

Why choose CardBoard’s Persona Template?
Our template aligns with user-centered principles, ensuring a comprehensive and empathetic view of your users.

Is the Persona Template customizable?
Yes. Tailor it based on your research and insights.

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