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What is a Sailboat Retrospective

A Sailboat Retrospective, or Sailboat Retro, is a visual technique used by teams to reflect on their journey. Imagine a sailboat: the wind propels it forward (positive forces), anchors hold it back (challenges), and there are potential rocks or hazards (risks). This method helps teams identify what’s helping, what’s hindering, and what might block their progress.

Sailboat Retro Best Practices

  1. Engage Everyone: Ensure all team members participate and share their perspectives.
  2. Be Specific: General feedback is less actionable. Dive into specifics.
    Focus on Action: Identify clear steps to harness winds, lift anchors, and avoid rocks.
  3. Safe Environment: Foster an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to speak candidly.
  4. Regularly Conduct: Make Sailboat Retros a routine part of your team’s process.

Template FAQ

Who should use the Sailboat Retro Template?
Agile teams, project managers, and any group aiming to reflect on their progress and improve.

How often should we conduct a Sailboat Retro?
Typically, at the end of each sprint or project phase. However, the frequency can be adjusted based on the team’s needs.

What makes CardBoard’s Sailboat Retro Template stand out?
CardBoard’s template is intuitive, collaborative, and designed to drive actionable insights, aligning with best practices for effective retrospectives.

Can the Sailboat Retro Template be customized?
Absolutely. Adapt it to fit your team’s unique dynamics and challenges.

How do I begin with CardBoard’s Sailboat Retro Template?
Sign up for a free trial on CardBoard. Once registered, select the Sailboat Retro Template and set sail towards team improvement.

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