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What is Stop, Start Retrospective

The Stop, Start Retro is a straightforward retrospective method that prompts teams to identify specific actions they should stop doing because they’re counterproductive, and actions they should start doing to enhance productivity or team dynamics. This clear-cut approach allows teams to quickly address issues and implement positive changes.

Stop, Start Retro Best Practices

  1. Open Communication: Create a safe space where team members can share openly without fear of judgment.
  2. Focus on Action: Ensure that every “stop” and “start” item is actionable and clear.
  3. Regular Implementation: Use the Stop, Start method consistently to maintain momentum and continuous improvement.
  4. Accountability: Assign responsibility for each “start” action to ensure follow-through.
  5. Review Outcomes: In subsequent retrospectives, revisit previous “stop” and “start” items to check on progress.

Template FAQ

Who benefits from the Stop, Start Retro Template?
Teams seeking a direct, action-oriented approach to retrospectives, especially those looking to quickly address and rectify issues.

How does the Stop, Start Retro drive team improvement?
By clearly identifying actions to cease and actions to implement, teams directly address issues and drive immediate change.

Why opt for CardBoard’s Stop, Start Retro Template?
CardBoard’s template offers a streamlined process for the Stop, Start retrospective, ensuring clarity and focus during reflection sessions.

Can the Stop, Start Retro Template be customized?
Yes. Adjust it to align with your team’s specific needs and dynamics.

How do I engage with CardBoard’s Stop, Start Retro Template?
Sign up for a free trial on CardBoard. Once registered, select the Stop, Start Retro Template and dive into focused team reflection.

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