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What is Swimlane Kanban

A Swimlane Kanban Board is an evolution of the traditional Kanban board, introducing horizontal lanes (or “swimlanes”) to categorize tasks based on criteria like teams, projects, or priority. Each swimlane functions as a mini Kanban board, ensuring that specific task categories are processed efficiently without getting lost in the broader workflow.

Swimlane Kanban Best Practices

  1. Define Clear Criteria: Ensure each swimlane has a clear, distinct purpose or category.
  2. Balance Workloads: Monitor the number of tasks in each swimlane to prevent any one category from becoming overloaded.
  3. Maintain Flow: Just as with a standard Kanban, move tasks from left to right, ensuring smooth progression.
  4. Regularly Review: Conduct frequent reviews to ensure tasks are in the correct swimlanes and to identify potential bottlenecks.
  5. Stay Adaptable: As team needs evolve, be ready to adjust swimlanes or their criteria.

Template FAQ

Who benefits from the Swimlane Kanban Template?
Teams managing multiple projects, departments with varied responsibilities, or any group needing a more segmented view of their tasks.

How does a Swimlane Kanban differ from a standard Kanban?
While both visualize workflow, a Swimlane Kanban offers horizontal categorization, providing an extra layer of organization and clarity.

Why opt for CardBoard’s Swimlane Kanban Template?
CardBoard’s template is designed for clarity and efficiency, ensuring tasks are not only visualized but also categorized effectively.

Is the Swimlane Kanban Template customizable?
Yes. Adjust swimlanes, columns, and criteria to fit your team’s unique workflow needs.

How do I begin with CardBoard’s Swimlane Kanban Template?
Sign up for a free trial on CardBoard. Once onboarded, select the Swimlane Kanban Template and start segmenting your tasks with precision.

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