NEW UPDATES: Introducing Templates!

When planning a product, the most important piece is the plan itself.  

We’ve added new pieces to our product to ensure that your organization is equipped to plan better, and accomplish your goals. We have added templates to CardBoard!

Templates will provide you with all sorts of new diagramming capabilities.

Take your planning and design to new levels with:

Opportunity Canvas

A framework for understanding problems and possible solutions to those problems. It is a quick and easy activity to do anytime you add a new feature or capability to your product/service. After you fill out the canvas, you will have a much clearer idea on how to create value for your customers.

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Business Model Canvas

A template for creating new or extending business models for your company. Focus in on your value proposition and the needs of your customer.  As demand changes a Business Model Canvas can ensure that your team can always see the big picture.

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Simple Kanban Board

A great visual tool to manage a backlog of tasks. Track what you have TO DO, what you are DOING, and what is DONE.  It creates two structures: visualizing tasks at hand and controlling work progress.

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Here’s what we focused on:

More options to increase your value a create better products: Your products matter to us. We focused to provide more opportunities that can increase your team’s shared understanding and a roadmap to get to the best user experience possible.

Cleaner design: We want to look as clean and modern as possible. We have updated the user interface to create a smoother flow and improve aesthetic.

More content to educate you on our offering: Along with the new updates we want to make sure that you are informed on the benefits you can receive from using our new features.

Hearing your voices: Your opinion MATTERS. If you have an idea for a template, let us know by reaching out. We will be building new templates every month and we need your feedback!

Ready to check out the new updates?

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