Make it Your Own with NEW Background Images

CardBoard now supports adding background images to your boards. Make your board your own with the new capability.

back ground image in cardboard whiteboard

Whether you use it to create custom templates, add a background to your cards, use pictures to illustrate your ideas, or anything else, read on to learn how to use this powerful new feature.

Adding Background Images

Within the toolbar you will see a new icon:

Drag this to place a background image, as you would a card or free text.

Once placed, choose an image, and it will be added to the board.

Moving Background Images

Background images can be dragged across the board just as free text can.  Cards and free text always appear above images.

Resizing Background Images

To adjust the size of an image, click on it and drag the icon in the bottom-right corner.

Background images automatically resize along with the rest of the board when the board is zoomed in or out.

Adjusting the order of Background Images

When multiple images overlap, you can control which ones appear above others.  By default, images appear in the order they were uploaded, newest in front.  To change this, right click on an image you want to bring to the front or send to the back, and select the menu option.

Unsure of what to use it for? Check out some of our ideas

Create your own environments

Tired of the traditional grey background? Customize your board by adding background images on to your board.  Upload your own colors, patterns, images or whatever you can think of and stretch to fit your board!  Use the new feature to express yourself as you work through your projects.

Add icons to improve understanding

Save and upload icons to improve communication and understanding of projects. For example, you can  add arrows to show dependancies.

Add meeting notes to your board

Store your meeting notes all in one place. Drag your notes on to your board for a quick, easy, reliable access.

Add new templates in to CardBoard

Take your diagramming capabilities to new levels.  Create your own templates and import the images in to CardBoard.  Allow the new feature to take your digital white-boarding capabilities to new heights.  Scale the boards to fit your needs. The sky is the limit!


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