Freeze Top Row of Cards

Last Updated: April 30, 2019

As you build your story maps you may have noticed that your stories can get lost with their associated epics the larger your maps get.

The top row of cards on a user story map is important.

It is useful to keep the topmost cards on a board visible as you scroll through the rest, especially on boards with a lot of cards.

Now, you can freeze the top row so that you can always lock in on which epics are associated with each story.

How To Freeze the Top Row

To freeze the top row, right click in an empty spot on the top row (including between cards) and you’ll see a new option Freeze top row.

Choose to Freeze top row, and the top row of cards will stay in place as you scroll through the board.

To note when the top row has been frozen, the background color of the row will change to a darker tint.

This option is only available for user story maps.

Now you can keep context visible and not have to worry about losing track of what stories are a part of what epics.

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