Quick Create Cards

quick create

Adding cards to your board is the most frequently used feature in CardBoard. However, the larger your boards get, the further you have to drag cards on to boards, meaning more of your time is taken up.

Our goal at CardBoard is to create the quickest, easiest way to visualize your products. Therefore, we’ve added an even faster way to add cards and build your boards.

How to Quick Create Cards

To add a card to the board, simply double click in an empty space on the board and a new card will appear. Currently, our MVP defaults to creating a white card. We are still working through solutions for adding different colors of cards.

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Love it or hate it, let us know what you think. Also, if you have a design idea for adding card colors, we would love to hear it!  Reach out to us by leaving a comment below, send an email to support@cardboardit.com, or login to CardBoard and reach out to us on our live feedback channel.

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