Addition to Templates: 5 New Templates for you!

We want to push our product beyond just providing User Story Mapping and in to a digital white-boarding space for you and your team. As a result we have added 5 new template offerings in to CardBoard.

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Freeform Canvas

With the Freeform Canvas you can place items anywhere. Items are not grid aligned and can overlap. Use the Freeform Canvas as your digital whiteboard.

These boards cannot be synced with external services like Jira (yet…). Stay tuned for more updates!


Place cards within the circle rings on the Bullseye Chart.

4 L’s

A retrospective template for focusing on what your team Liked, Learned, Lacked, and Longed for. Great for teams who want to improve their performance.

Start, Stop, Continue

A retrospective template for focusing on what your team wants to start, stop, and continue. Allows teams to decide on what they want to change as they move forward.

Swimlane Kanban

A visual tool to manage a backlog of tasks. Track what you have TO DO, what you are DOING and what is DONE.

Use swimlanes to group tasks by people, process, etc

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