Card Resizing

CardBoard | User Story Mapping Tool | Card Resize
Last Updated: January 12, 2021

Within the CardBoard application you may need to resize cards for various reasons.

Perhaps you need fit more information on the front of the card, or different sized cards may denote different things depending on your team’s structure.

How to resize cards

Create a new board

Be sure to select a Freeform Canvas – other board types do not currently have resize capabilities.

 Once you’ve selected and named your board, open your board and add a new card onto your board.

CardBoard | User Story Mapping | Resize Card in freeform card
Freeform card

In the bottom right hand corner of the card, click and drag in the designated area to resize your card.

CardBoard | User Story Mapping | Resize Cards area to resize
Resize capability in bottom right hand corner

You can change the aspect ratio and size of the card to fit your desired size.

However, you cannot lock aspect ratio, and resized cards cannot be automatically reset to original size.

CardBoard | User Story Mapping | Resize Cards Together
Resizable cards together. Make smaller and larger

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