The Hybrid Work Model is Changing How Teams Work

Last Updated: September 7, 2021

What is the Hybrid Work Model –

Over the past year the Hybrid Work Model has become a hot topic at companies across the world. With a new generation of talent flooding the market, they also bring with them a progressive approach to work. Equally, the pandemic has drastically changed the landscape of how teams communicate, connect, and collaborate requiring tools like online whiteboards. The Hybrid Work Model foundation is simple – flexibility. It provides flexibility when and where employees execute their responsibilities. This new approach provides employees with a range of onsite and offsite work opportunities seldom seen prior to the pandemic. Companies, seasoned employees with years of experience, and new talent coming into the market are embracing this flexibility. In fact, studies show that over 45% of the current workforce would look elsewhere for employment to find some sort of Hybrid Work model.

The Pros –

  1. Allows employees to work when/where they work best
  2. Accommodates a true work/life balance
  3. Allows companies to access a larger talent pool then they may have locally, or that would not be willing to relocate.
  4. Cuts down on overhead such as office space, furniture, and equipment.
  5. In today’s climate, it greatly reduces the risk of exposure to illnesses.

The Cons –

  1. Many believe teams cannot be nearly as connected or productive.
  2. Teams that rely heavily on collaboration need tools like online whiteboards to help maintain efficiencies
  3. Some companies believe that this model negatively impacts their culture 
  4. Companies must trust their employees to self manage workloads
Online whiteboards are essential for a successful hybrid work model

Is the Hybrid Work Model effective – 

As technology rapidly advances, so do the tools that allow for effectiveness in this new environment. Additionally, with Millennials and Gen Z entering the employment market, they’re accustomed to function in a more remote world. They are versed in relying on tools to connect remotely more effectively than previous generations. This trend is not just theory, it’s expected. Progressive ways of communication is the new normal. The paradigm is shifting and companies are realizing that they alone don’t set the organizational culture, people do too. 

How can people work effectively with their teams 100% remote –

It’s important to note that the Hybrid Work Model doesn’t necessarily mean that employees work 100% remotely. Most companies are embracing a hybrid approach with a balance of time in, and time out of the office. For this model to work though, companies need tools in place for teams to communicate, connect, and collaborate in real time. Online whiteboard solutions like CardBoard, Miro, Figma, and others provide creative story mapping solutions. Others like Slack, Teams, and Zoom are used for meetings and conversations outside of the project. It should be noted that the latter tools have compatibility with the majority online whiteboard tools. This compatibility allows for a virtual conference room setting perfect for brainstorming and documentation. With tools like these, teams can use them to connect from anywhere in the world, or document projects while in the same location.

Is this a trend, or is this the future –

It’s safe to say that with the new societal philosophies and the integration of fantastic collaborative tools like online whiteboards, that the age-old traditional “butts in the seat” way of thinking is on its way out. With people driving the culture of companies today, the landscape is shifting to a perfect work/life balance. It’s not that people want to work less. In fact, studies show that employees feel more productive when they have the flexibility to do their thinking when and where they want. Companies will need to embrace this new normal because as this generation of new talent enters the workforce, they will bring an entirely new perspective on how success can be achieved.

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