Using online whiteboards to improve your Zoom experience

Last Updated: September 21, 2021

As entire organizations are moving to digital working environments, online meeting spaces are increasing in use and popularity.  Companies have found how tough it can be to keep members engaged and feel a part of the bigger goal. 

Today’s remote workers are trying  to find new and creative ways to improve the experience – most of which involve changing the content of the meetings with icebreakers or social hours. Others have taken the route of aesthetic enhancements like microphones, lighting, and creativity backgrounds. Some have worked – but few have replaced the effectiveness of  in-person collaboration.

The question is now, what software tools can be used to improve the online collaboration environment?  With online whiteboards on the rise they have been looked at as a solution to the problems the digital meeting place has created. Here are a few ways using online whiteboards can improve your zoom meeting experience. 

Save time and energy with all information in one place

With team members from different educational backgrounds, coming from different systems, organizing important information can be a challenge of its own. Yet, consider as even an individual how many different apps one person may use on a weekly basis. A quick hint… it’s a lot. The average business worker uses 9.4 different apps for daily work. Every time they have to switch apps, they’re using valuable time and energy to pivot into a different application environment.

With an online whiteboard all of the messages, reminders, notifications, attachments, etc. can be consolidated into one digital space with as much, or as little information that is needed. Users can save time and energy from having to adjust to different apps and search through their catalog to recall information. 

The info can be organized with visual cues added so that all information can be found quickly and meetings can be more efficient without wasted time shifting through apps.

Simplify detail without losing information

By using an online whiteboard in your zoom meetings, long documents that users must sift through can be parsed down to a sticky-noted visual that is quickly and easily digestible.

With cards, colors, annotations, etc.  all information can quickly be understood and meetings can move faster with more clarity. Less is missed. Additional details can be added into the backs of cards if more details are needed. Entire documents can be attached inside of cards wherever necessary.

Users can participate in real-time

Collaborative efforts can be difficult in a virtual meeting environment. Typically one user will serve as the gatekeeper, share their screen and make the proper edits based on the discussion. Although this works, it can be hard to get everyone involved. Introverted users, or junior employees with good ideas tend to be less involved vs more active and senior level team members.

With an online whiteboard, prompts can be given and users can have the space and time to update the boards in real time, and then report back on the work done. This is a simple step that can be highly beneficial in bringing back the feel of an in-person workshop allowing all ideas to be shared with the team.

Digital environments can be difficult to navigate through, however online whiteboards are a simple way to create a more comfortable and collaborative space.  The next time your team has a zoom meeting, try out a digital whiteboard. Create an agenda in the board itself, invite your team, and begin working on the tasks and engaging within the board. 

Watch your team collaboration improve and productivity increase with an online whiteboard in your Zoom meeting.

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