Using online whiteboards to improve your Zoom experience

As entire organizations are moving to digital working environments, online meeting spaces are increasing in use and popularity.  Companies have found how tough it can be to keep members engaged and feel a part of the bigger goal.  Today’s remote workers are trying  to find new and creative ways to improve the experience – most of which involve changing the …

The Hybrid Work Model is Changing How Teams Work

What is the Hybrid Work Model – Over the past year the Hybrid Work Model has become a hot topic at companies across the world. With a new generation of talent flooding the market, they also bring with them a progressive approach to work. Equally, the pandemic has drastically changed the landscape of how teams communicate, connect, and collaborate requiring …

How to choose an online whiteboard that’s right for you

Online Whiteboard

The use of online whiteboards has really become prevalent over the past year due to the covid pandemic. People need to replicate the experience of working together visually at a whiteboard in a new digital way. There are countless options available on the market today that each have their own pros and cons. Here are a select few that are …

5 Ways Your Team Can Benefit From an Online Whiteboard

ONLINE Whiteboard Benefits | CardBoard

Employees of organizations both big and small are opting into working from home and to remote work situations. In the recent past it was an expectation for teams to be placed into an office space where they were easily accessible throughout the work day, and that collaboration can be at it’s best.