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December 15, 2021How To,

How to use Emojis in CardBoard

In CardBoard, you can place emojis on your boards and modify them. Share feedback, express your emotions, and visualize your thoughts and ideas by using favorite emojis on your online whiteboard. To add an emoji into your board Head up...

CardBoard It | Digital Whiteboard and User Story Mapping Tool
April 10, 2021Release

Say hello to our NEW logo

As we have refreshed our tool, we’ve launched our new logo. We decided it was best to say goodbye to the old logo that became a staple for our tool. Although the two color, CARDBOARD, typeface became what we’ve come to know and love,...

February 1, 2021How To,

Using Shapes in CardBoard

The Shape selector allows you to change cards into various shapes that can be used for flowcharting diagramming and for several other purposes within your digital whiteboard. To add a shape: Drag and drop a card onto your board. Right...

CardBoard | User Story Mapping Tool | Card Resize
January 12, 2021How To,

Card Resizing

Within the CardBoard application you may need to resize cards for various reasons. Perhaps you need fit more information on the front of the card, or different sized cards may denote different things depending on your team’s structure....

notifications cardboard user story mapping
May 21, 2020How To,


Need to see what you missed while away? In CardBoard, you will receive notifications when team members tag you in board comments and card comments. Vice versa, you can tag team members in board and card comments and they will receive...

May 12, 2020How To,

Change Board Colors

You can change the background color of your board. You can choose from a Light or Dark theme, or select from a handful of colors. To change the background color of your board: Head up to the setting icon within your board In the the...

April 9, 2020How To,

Card Connections

Card Connections in a CardBoard are an additional way to increase shared understanding. Card Connections allow you to connect arrows to cards to create dependencies or adds additional template options in CardBoard such as mind maps,...

2020 Trends | Remote Work | User Story Mapping
January 12, 2020Resources,

Three trends for 2020

As more team members work remotely, finding visual collaboration tools will become vital for teams With more workers switching from working in cubes to working remotely, finding tools to help with the collaboration process will become...

user story mapping annotation
October 10, 2019How To,

Using Custom Annotations

We’ve added a new feature to customize your boards even more. CardBoard now supports custom annotations. Annotations provide a clear visual to the front of your cards to give your board more ways to collaborate real-time,...

September 4, 2019How To,

How to Use Assigned To Feature

Assigning tasks to your team is an additional way to organize projects and increase shared understanding in your team. To assign a card: Open a Card by clicking the top right corner of a card You will see the assigned to section within...

Get Organized with Folders
September 4, 2019How To,

New Folders and My Boards

After creating several boards, you might come to the realization that you wished you had a better way to organize your boards. We have a solution! In CardBoard, you can create folders to better organize your content. CardBoard was the...

Customer Journey
August 16, 2019How To,

Using Journeys in CardBoard

A user journey (or sometimes customer journey) is a series of steps your users go through to accomplish a task in your product/service. Several paths exist where your users will traverse through your app. Going through your...

JIRA integration | CardBoard User Story Mapping
July 16, 2019How To, ,

Selective Sync with JIRA

With the new Selective Sync feature, you now have control over which cards you decide to sync with JIRA. It’s really simple. You use your mouse to select the cards, then right click on them and chose whether you want to sync them...

using csv in cardboard
June 4, 2019How To,

Using CSV files

How to import/export CSV files in CardBoard CardBoard supports CSV files. CSV files are intended to be CardBoard back up files that you can easily access as you transfer to new communities or accounts. Importing CSV files into...

May 21, 2019How To,

How to: Add Collaborators

Adding collaborators is simple! Head up to the collaborators menu. Here you can open up your Collaborators Menu or use Share Link to copy a URL of your board to share with anyone including non-CardBoard users. Once you open the...

quick create
April 30, 2019How To,

Quick Create Cards

Adding cards to your board is the most frequently used feature in CardBoard. However, the larger your boards get, the further you have to drag cards on to boards, meaning more of your time is taken up. Our goal at CardBoard is to...

change card size
April 30, 2019How To,

Changing the Font Size on Cards

Text too small on the cards or would you like to fit more content on the cards? Follow these simple steps to change the font size of the text on the cards: Sign in to your CardBoard account Open a board Click the settings icon Locate...

April 30, 2019How To,

Free Text Updates!

You requested several enhancements to the Free Text feature, so we built it for you! Free text is now quicker to use and provides richer editing capabilities. Begin by dragging the Free Text icon on to your board. The look and feel of...

April 30, 2019How To,

Freeze Top Row of Cards

As you build your story maps you may have noticed that your stories can get lost with their associated epics the larger your maps get. The top row of cards on a user story map is important. It is useful to keep the topmost cards on a...

April 30, 2019Release

NEW FEATURES: Spring Release!

We have been busy since our last big update, and now we are excited to share what we have come up with. From templates, to more integration possibilities with Trello, as well as new features to work smarter not harder, we made sure to...

voting image for cardboard
March 18, 2019How To

Improvements to Voting

Getting feedback and the opinions of your team is very important when looking to get products to market.  Your shared understanding and work flow matter to us. We’ve made some changes to the Voting feature.  We improved the...

Trello and User Story Mapping
February 19, 2019How To

Welcome Trello Fans!

We know we have several customers who really like Trello. It’s really easy to use, doesn’t cost anything and is so versatile in its uses. The CardBoard team is proud to offer our Trello integration! We know integrating...

voting image for cardboard
January 7, 2019How To,

Voting in CardBoard!

Getting feedback and the opinions of your team is very important when looking to get products to market.  Your shared understanding and work flow matter to us. Therefore, we took the time to develop our voting feature! Read below to...

November 28, 2018How To,

Opening Cards in CardBoard

If you use all of the features found within CardBoard you may notice something. Your cards can become populated with several different visual indicators that you aren’t sure what they all mean.   Or you may find yourself...

August 7, 2018How To

Share your boards with Everyone!

With our Share Link feature, you can share your user story maps and online whiteboards with everyone. Even those that don’t have a CardBoard account. You’ll find it is super easy to get others involved by giving them a link via...

July 2, 2018How To,

Say Hello to “Free Text”

You asked, we listened. The widely requested “Free Text” tool takes versatility in story mapping to a whole new level. It has universal functionality and is a handy tool for your building process. Let’s take a look at just a few of the...

June 4, 2018Release,

The Summer Blend Release

Last month we overalled the UI and UX of CardBoard and this month we are introducing our Summer Blend Release. We love Agile, User Story Mapping and have several new features for you to try out. Add comments to your cards You can now...

May 10, 2018How To

Improve Collaboration with Comments

Here at CardBoard, we believe collaboration is necessary in order to be successful.  That’s why we make it as easy as possible to collaborate with your team in CardBoard. In your board, you can add comments on your stories...

May 1, 2018Release,

Introducing the all new CardBoard

Today, we are releasing our biggest CardBoard update yet. We talked to several of you to learn what it is you need next. During development, the questions we kept asking ourselves are: What do our customers need, and What can we do to...