How to build better products with User Story Mapping

User Story Mapping is a simple technique that can help discover what you really need to build. It encourages telling a story and visualizing what the experience “feels” like through your customers eyes. It a great way to build empathy for your users and foster collaboration with your team. When trying it out for the first few times, I’ve seen …

Release 2/23/2018

Updated UI for My Board page. New UI look for the boards coming soon Single Sign-On support for Enterprise customers. Change user’s roles easily from/to collaborator and viewer 25 boards per user instead of 10 Improved integration for VSTS Viewers can view conversations and journeys

Release 10/27/2017

Improved stability with Jira integration CTRL+A or CMD+A selects all of the text on a card Admins can now add multiple users at a time

Release 10/3/2017

CardBoard communities can now have multiple admins Community admins can now disable their organizations from creating public boards Chrome/Safari now provides spelling corrections for misspelled words Bugs fixes and performance improvements

Release 8/10/2017

Support for on-prem versions of Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) Support for the TFS Scrum template Performance improvements around requests Improved email service