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CardBoard It | Digital Whiteboard and User Story Mapping Tool
April 10, 2021Release

Say hello to our NEW logo

As we have refreshed our tool, we’ve launched our new logo. We decided it was best to say goodbye to the old logo that became a staple for our tool. Although the two color, CARDBOARD, typeface became what we’ve come to know and love,...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
CardBoard | User Story Mapping Tool | Card Resize
January 12, 2021How To, New Feature

Card Resizing

Within the CardBoard application you may need to resize cards for various reasons. Perhaps you need fit more information on the front of the card, or different sized cards may denote different things depending on your team’s structure....

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
CardBoard | User Story Mapping | 4Ls Retrospective
November 12, 2020How To

How to hold 4Ls Retrospective

What is a 4Ls Retrospective? At the conclusion of a sprint, the 4 Ls Retrospective is designed to bring clarity to what your team liked, learned, lacked, and longed for. This exercise exists to understand what did and di not work well...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
notifications cardboard user story mapping
May 21, 2020How To, Uncategorized


You can tag team members in board comments and card comments. Do so by opening up the Conversation panel in the drawer, or by opening up a card and leaving a comment in the discussion. Tag your teammates by using the ‘@’...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
cardboard user story mapping
May 12, 2020How To

Change Board Colors

You can change the background color of your board. You can choose from a Light or Dark theme, or select from a handful of colors. To change the background color of your board: Head up to the setting icon within your board In the the...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
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