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Using Roadmap Templates in your Online Whiteboard

The vision has been cast, the planning done, what is next? A product roadmap helps teams determine what […]

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How to hold 4 Ls Retrospective

What is a 4 Ls Retrospective? At the conclusion of a sprint, the 4 Ls Retrospective is designed […]

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How to Make a Mind Map

Mind mapping is quick way of getting information out of from your brain and in front of your team. Mind Mapping is a unique solution to map out the ideas and connect thoughts.

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Using Empathy Maps to Better Understand Your Customers

What is an Empathy Map? An empathy map is an additional template offered inside CardBoard that your team […]

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Addition to Templates: 5 More Templates for you!

We want to push our product beyond just providing User Story Mapping and in to a digital white-boarding […]

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Introducing Templates in CardBoard

When building a product, the plan and active collaboration are two of the most important ingredients. We’ve added […]

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