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using csv in cardboard
June 4, 2019How To

Using CSV files

How to import/export CSV files in CardBoard CardBoard supports CSV files. CSV files are intended to be CardBoard back up files that you can easily access as you transfer to new communities or accounts. Importing CSV files into...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
May 21, 2019How To

How to: Add Collaborators

Adding collaborators is simple! Head up to the collaborators menu. Here you can open up your Collaborators Menu or use Share Link to copy a URL of your board to share with anyone including non-CardBoard users. Once you open the...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
quick create
April 30, 2019How To, New Feature

Quick Create Cards

Adding cards to your board is the most frequently used feature in CardBoard. However, the larger your boards get, the further you have to drag cards on to boards, meaning more of your time is taken up. Our goal at CardBoard is to...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
April 30, 2019New Feature

Free Text Updates!

You requested several enhancements to the Free Text feature, so we built it for you! Free text is now quicker to use and provides richer editing capabilities. Begin by dragging the Free Text icon on to your board. The look and feel of...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker
April 30, 2019Release

NEW FEATURES: Spring Release!

We have been busy since our last big update, and now we are excited to share what we have come up with. From templates, to more integration possibilities with Trello, as well as new features to work smarter not harder, we made sure to...

Iman TuckerIman Tucker