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The Product Backlog: A Rock Concert of User Stories

In the realm of product development, the backlog is often perceived as a monotonous list of tasks. It’s seen as a necessary evil, a relentless setlist filled with features, bugs, and technical debt.

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When Will It Be Done? Unpacking Estimation Strategies for Product Managers

Estimation. It’s the eight-letter word that haunts every product manager’s dreams. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Staring down the barrel of a new feature, trying to predict how long it will take to go from concept to code.

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From Roadmap to Backlog: Unleashing the Power of User Story Mapping

You’re a product leader. You’ve got a roadmap that’s as beautiful as a Monet painting. It’s strategic, it’s visionary, it’s… utterly useless when it comes to the day-to-day grind. Your development team is staring at it like it’s an alien artifact. They need a backlog, a to-do list, not a piece of abstract art.

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One of the BIGGEST Mistakes Teams Make When Building Apps

Imagine this, you have a idea for the world’s next great application.  You have raised the money you …

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How to use Emojis in CardBoard

In CardBoard, you can place emojis on your boards and modify them. Share feedback, express your emotions, and …

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Using Roadmap Templates in your Online Whiteboard

The vision has been cast, the planning done, what is next? A product roadmap helps teams determine what …

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Using online whiteboards to improve your Zoom experience

As entire organizations are moving to digital working environments, online meeting spaces are increasing in use and popularity.  …

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The Hybrid Work Model is Changing How Teams Work

What is the Hybrid Work Model – Over the past year the Hybrid Work Model has become a …

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How to choose an online whiteboard that's right for you

The use of online whiteboards has really become prevalent over the past year due to the covid pandemic. …

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5 Ways Your Team Can Benefit From an Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboards are on the rise, and we can only anticipate that the demand for online whiteboards to …

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Spring 2021 Release

Tons of features and improvements to enhance your digital white-boarding experience

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Say hello to our NEW logo

As we have refreshed our tool, we’ve launched our new logo. We decided it was best to say …

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