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Using Custom Annotations

We’ve added a new feature to customize your boards even more. CardBoard now supports custom annotations. Annotations provide …

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How to Use Assigned To Feature

Assigning tasks to your team is an additional way to organize projects and increase shared understanding in your …

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New Folders and My Boards

After creating several boards, you might come to the realization that you wished you had a better way …

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Using Journeys in CardBoard

A user journey (or sometimes customer journey) is a series of steps your users go through to accomplish …

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Selective Sync with JIRA

With the new Selective Sync feature, you now have control over which cards you decide to sync with …

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Using CSV files

How to import/export CSV files in CardBoard CardBoard supports CSV files. CSV files are intended to be CardBoard …

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How to: Add Collaborators

Adding collaborators is simple! Head up to the collaborators menu. Here you can open up your Collaborators Menu …

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Quick Create Cards

Adding cards to your board is the most frequently used feature in CardBoard. However, the larger your boards …

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Changing the Font Size on Cards

Text too small on the cards or would you like to fit more content on the cards? Follow …

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Free Text Updates!

You requested several enhancements to the Free Text feature, so we built it for you! Free text is …

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Freeze Top Row of Cards

As you build your story maps you may have noticed that your stories can get lost with their …

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Improvements to Voting

Getting feedback and the opinions of your team is very important when looking to get products to market.  …

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